History of Royal Carriages

Wheel driven vehicles were known from very early age of human history. Ancient Greek poet Homer wrote poems where we can find remarks devoted to the first made vehicles. Ancient Roman historian Pliniy thought that the first vehicles were created by frigates who lived in Asia to carry cargo. Another Roman historian Svetony made a first description of the first four wheel vehicles. In Europe, until XV century, people preferred riding the horses because of poor road conditions. First carriages were built in Paris France at the end of XVI century. Just three were introduced to the world.

At the same time first carriages were introduced to Russia, but even then Russian Tsar, his Family and wealthy people continued to use sledges, even in summer time, because it was considered more prestigious and sophisticated then to use of wheel driven carriages.

First wheel driven carriages were very bulky, uncomfortable, shaky and easily overturned. At the end of XV century, Hungarian craftsman created fist prototype of shock absorbers, but carriage remained heavy and hard to maneuver.

At first, carriages were a privilege of Royal Families and were made for them per special order. Many years later, it was allowed to order carriages for dignitaries, very important and rich people. All early carriages were opened or covered with expansive fabric or leather. Those carriages were made out of very expansive woods: beech, maple and ash. Skilful artists and craftsmen created memorable images and amazing hand carved ornaments, statues, animals and symbols covered with gold. Best jewelers decorated exterior with diamonds and precious stones symbolizing grandeur and Royal Families' power. They beatified interiors with luxurious hand made silk, fur and lavish pillows.

Now days this carriages are kept in European museums. The world largest collection of Royal carriages is presented in Moscow Kremlin museum — Armory. Its exhibits carry enormous artistic and historical value.

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Carriages History