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Victoria Diana Universal

Victoria — Diana is the most popular among our customers. It is unique in design, quality of craftsmanship, extremely universal and is specially created for cold climates. Ride in these elegant sleighs is very enjoyable and takes you for a luxury trip of the last century. It can be ordered with optional heater and various old folk-art designs, with canopy or without.


Body: fiberglass or metal structural frame with willow weaved body.
Fenders: fiberglass.
Carpet: carpet on rubber base.
Couches, interior finishing: artificial or natural leather.
Weight 350 Kg
Capacity: 6 people.
Width: 1,75m; Height with folded bonnet: 1,6m; Length: 3m (without shafts).
Version 4

Assembly "UNIVERSAL" Carriage is equipped with folding top, wheels, lanterns, brakes and removable skids for winter rides.